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Thursday, 30 January 2014 00:00

One hundred and Twenty Seven recruits passed out of the Police Training Academy on Wednesday, January 29, after 16 weeks of training as part of recruit intake number 89. That’s 90 police constables, and 37 women police constables who have graduated and joined the ranks of the police department.

It is among one of the biggest squads, with the record being the 130 recruits who passed out last year. In the same fashion that majority of the officers went to Belize City to become part of the Police Precinct system, majority of these new officers have been assigned to Eastern Division to help maintain police focus on one of the toughest police jurisdictions in the country to maintain law and order.

It is this same precinct system to which many have attributed some of the success in lowering the murder rate for this year, reducing it by 46, a decrease of 32% in Belize City, recognized as one of the region’s murder capitals.

The Police Department is satisfied with that decrease, but they are hoping to bring down the body count to a much lower point.

There were 8 outstanding recruits who were honoured at the passing out ceremony. The Baton of Honour was awarded to WPC Shanique Rocca. She also placed second in the written exam, outdone a little by PC Lorenzo Tun. PC Tun was also awarded as the most consistent performer. PC Joseph Sutherland was chosen as the best in physical education. The best firearms shooter was PC Harrison Gabourel, closely followed by WPC Samantha. WPC Casey Ann Requena won the Commandants Prize, while WPC Kimberly Thompson was awarded as the best in First Aid. Finally, WPC Juliet Sanchez was best at the human rights topics.