Police Department’s position on the matter of Corporal 59 Gino Peck Print E-mail
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Thursday, 30 January 2014 00:00

The commissioner of police with the support of the Ministry of National Security hereby informs the public that the department will be supporting Corporal Peck fully, including payment of all legal fees in his appeal to his conviction on keeping unlicensed and prohibited ammunition. The Belize Police Department is saddened by the manner in which the decision to proceed with criminal charges against Corporal Peck was made in January 2012 as the department is confident that it could have been properly dealt with through its own internal disciplinary process. Unfortunately, the department was not given the opportunity to handle this matter as they have customarily done. It is unfortunate that we are at a point where a long serving member of the department is facing a jail sentence for a matter that could have been handled internally.

Should his appeal prove successful, the commissioner of police will then exercise his power to decide what internal disciplinary action will be levied against Corporal Peck in the manner in which it should have been handled in the first instance.

The commissioner wishes to assure its members and the general public that the department will work assiduously to ensure that fairness and equal treatment of all officers are  maintained in the Belize Police Department.