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Thursday, 30 January 2014 00:00

After investigations showed that Hon. Elvin Penner was involved in wrong doing at the Immigration Department, Prime Minister quickly removed him from Cabinet and stripped him of the portfolio which he handled. He was additionally asked to resign from the National Assembly and the United Democratic Party, the latter two he has not yet done.

And while the penalty against Penner was swift and severe, there were still outstanding matters as to his tenure in the House of Representatives; he still held a government vehicle and was still the Chair of the House Committee on Public Utilities, Transport and Communication.

In a release from Cabinet it was announced that Penner will no longer hold either the vehicle or the chairmanship. The release stated that "Cabinet also examined other areas in which it felt action was needed to combat any suggestion that the Administration would not resolutely act to put a stop to Ministerial or official wrongdoing. Accordingly, the Prime Minister has required ex-Minister Elvin Penner to turn in the Government vehicle that he kept, after removal from Cabinet, as Chair of a House Committee. Hon. Penner will also lose the chairmanship of that House Committee on Public Utilities, Transport and Communications."

On another note to bolster transparency in public office it was also announced that after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition the ex-FIU Director, Marilyn Williams, will be the chairman of the Integrity Commission.