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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 30 January 2014 00:00

Last week when I told you that the convention to select the standard bearer for the Orange Walk East constituency would be exciting and emotional little did I realize that I was making more of a prediction than a promise. I mean, things really got heated over the weekend between the two contenders, Aragon and Constanza.

One of the more vocal and radical supporters of Constanza, Landy Burns, came out swinging at the Aragon family, making provocative accusations only days before the convention, which is slated for this Sunday February 2 at the Louisiana Government School.

Judging from the feedback on the streets, I can tell you this; for a while there it was a big political notch for the Burns offensive, until Lot Aragon gave his press conference on Monday 26 January and doused the cauldron with cold water.

Having known Elodio “Lot” Aragon for many, many years, I can tell you that he is a seasoned politician and will not run and hide from any accusation or shy from any accuser. And to show his skill in these matters, he returned the favor in kind to Burns, but never did once impugn the character of Constanza in his counter. That was a good move and went down well with UDP supporters of both sides in the contest for standard bearer.

For the record, I side with neither of the teams, and both the Aragon’s and the Burns’ families are my very good friends. Moreover, I am registered in Central, so I don’t have a penny in this dollar, but I will offer my support to any candidate that the people of the East choose on Sunday.

To be honest, I am in fact enjoying the excitement being generated by the convention. To me, it is good for the United Democratic Party, considering all the negatives that the Party has been experiencing these days from a couple of representatives who have strayed from the Party’s firm intolerance of dishonesty. As Mayor Bradley put so truthfully, these two men are unpleasant distractions to the good works which the UDP is doing for our country.

To continue with the battle for the East, as quickly as the dust settled and both UDP camps were satisfied with the outcome of Landy’s charge; enter the OWTC and its bureaucratic Mayor, Bernard. Always looking for a microphone to bleat into and a diversion from his glaring incompetence, Bernard forced himself in the center of the fray, and demanded equal time to express his two-bit opinion.

Bernard stated that the OW Town Council had passed a “resolution” that the titles for the small plot of property in question and the adjoining basketball court should be transferred to the OWTC under his administration and not to the National Sports Council. That would be the day.

Let me share some information here with readers. The OWTC has always been legally responsible for the upkeep and delegation of all parks and playgrounds within the Town’s limits. But the Council has never held freehold title to any of these lands, except for two particular properties: the former meat market which sits adjacent the Belize Bank on Main Street and the old slaughter house by Riverside Street here in OW.

Presently, as far as I can know, there is only one title at Town Hall: the old slaughter house land. This is because the former PUP Town Council sold the OW meat market in 2005 for a measly $175,000 and blew the revenues from this transaction in a single month. Privatization PUP style!

In his lamentations on TV, Bernard went on to complain that the OW Sporting Complex and the People’s Stadium were not in his charge and he would prefer that they were, insinuating that he could well manage these much better than the present authorities. Yeah right!

Bernard also pledged in his TV monologue that if he was given the authority over the basketball court and park in question above, he would develop these into a stately recreational center. Again I say, yeah right!
Look, a cynical listener to his speech sent me pictures and comments that if Bernard cannot maintain two small parks in Orange Walk Central (Union Town Park and Millennium Park), not to mention the 6 others in the rest of the town, what is his underlying reason for asking for more responsibility? This man should shed his conceit, talk less and concentrate more on fixing these dastardly craters here in OW, in that same order.