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Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:00

Audrey Matura Shepherd has had to retract her statements and apologized to UDP Belize Rural Central hopeful, Beverly Castillo. The exact text of her apology is as follows:


From Audrey Matura Shepherd

Belize City,
On 30 and 31 December 2013 I made certain statements on Channel 5 news and in the Amandala. In these statements I implied that Mrs. Beverly Castillo abused her office as CEO in the Ministry of Natural Resources in order to facilitate title to a specific property for her mother and son. These statements were unfounded and Mrs. Castillo has consistently denied that she abused her office in the manner that I implied and I fully accept her denial. I retract the statements made and apologise to her for the harm done to her name and reputation as a result of my statements.

It must be a hell of a thing for the rambunctious attorney to be falling on her sword on this one. Everyone knows that as she goes about her daily routine she does so looking for reasons to appear on the news every day (she needs to remember that her media days are over, then again maybe they are not).

While she has apologized, those whom we have consulted in the legal profession note that this is the first time that an attorney has had to make a public apology for libel or slander in this country, if not the entire world. We are told that because she is an attorney she ought to be held to greater standards because she knows exactly what it is that are the elements that make up slander and libel. For her to have appeared on the television news and malign the character of Castillo proves that she is better at arguing cases on the media than she will ever be in the courtroom. One attorney we consulted with hazards that maybe Castillo should have pressed that the matter end up in court and added that if she had done so, her compensation would have been significant since Matura-Shepherd knows how to avoid slandering and libeling people.

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