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Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:00

In late December of last year, the Belize City Council took the decision that it would be outsourcing the security section of the council that is currently being done internally. That meant that 26 persons would have to find another job. Last week Friday, January 31 was the deadline but before the terminations could be executed the Christian Workers Union who claims to represent the employees intervened. They were asking for fair treatment of the employees.

Speaking to the media on Monday, February 3rd, Mayor Darrell Bradley gave his assurances that employees would be fairly treated. They would receive all their entitlements and any miscalculation by the council would be rectified and they would be paid off in full. More than that, he assured that 20 of the 26 security guards will be taken on by the new contractor who will be offering the services to the council. The other six will either be absorbed into other areas of service in the council or they would not be taken on because of discipline issues that they have with the council.

The decision to outsource the security from the council was taken for financial and efficiency reasons . According to the Mayor, it costs the council in excess of 700 thousand dollars to do the security internally. This comes with expenses which range from the purchase of uniforms, overtime payments and sick leave and incidentals of this nature. Mayor Bradley also noted that some of the security personnel were ineffective. He cited an instance where a vehicle was scrapped at the mile 4 compound while two security guards were on duty and none of them was able to say how that took place even though it would have taken 4 hours to strip the $16,000 vehicle.

Hiring a private company would in effect reduce these types of problems as well as the security services bill from 700 thousand dollars to 400 thousand dollars. The reality says the Mayor is that the council is overstaffed and since his taking office he has been able to take down the salary bill from 297 employees to 225. The savings from the reduction in the wage bill according to the Mayor will go directly at providing the core functions of the council which include fixing and paving of streets and building and maintaining drains.

At the end the Mayor categorically stated that, "no staff has to be concerned that they will be treated unfairly."