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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:00

Wanted fugitive, 30 year-old Kevin “Migit” Manzanero, who police were seeking for about 6 weeks, has finally been arrested and charged with murder for the shooting death of 56 year-old Freddy Lopez Sr. Manzanero is one of the 2 suspects who police wanted to question in relation to the shooting death of the San Ignacio Resident who was killed in front of his wife, daughter-in-law, and 2 grand-daughters on December 23, 2013.

 Readers may remember that on that day, Lopez was escorting his family home in the Kontiki Area of San Ignacio when they were approached by 2 men. One of them was armed with a handgun, and they tried to rob the family. Fredy Lopez Sr. picked up a rock because his family was in danger, especially his wife who was being physically restrained by the other unarmed man. The man with the firearm saw what he intended to do, and that man shot Lopez in the chest, and they immediately ran off. Lopez died in the presence of his family on the spot.

 Immediately after that, San Ignacio Police started a manhunt for Manzanero and Alex “Cat” Reid, the men who are believed to be connected to this murder as well of a spate of robberies and home invasions in the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena for the Months of December and January.

 On January 19, Manzanero checked himself into the San Ignacio Hospital for urgent treatment for some chop wounds he had received. Hospital officials recognized him as a wanted fugitive, and so they reported his whereabouts to the police. They checked in at the hospital and confirmed that it was indeed him. Their information suggests that he got those injuries from a home invasion on Collins Boulevard, San Ignacio, some hours before he had sought medical treatment. Police say that the owners reported that he broke into their house but they were alerted to his presence, and one of the homeowners chopped him several times with a machete in self-defence, after which he fled.

 One of the injuries were severe enough that he almost lost his right eye, and had to seek medical treatment at the KHMH. After he was released, San Ignacio police immediately detained him, and after questioning him, they got the directive from the DPP’s Office to charge him with murder and conspiracy to commit robbery. He was arraigned at the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court, and he was remanded until April 24, 2014, his next court date.
 At this time, police continue to search for Alex “Cat” Reid who remains a wanted suspect.