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Written by Dennys Barrow   
Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:00

4th February 2014
1. Imagine this. Cons is standing outside --  where she can talk -- looking on, as this Remembrance is about to be given. She turns to you, standing beside her and opens up those big, bold eyes. She flashes her familiar, mischievous smile and says: “mek ah yer weh fool dis one he wan seh”! That is Cons!

2. Although her favourite singer was Jim Reeves it is Matt Monro or Ray Conniff, among the artists of her generation, who comes to mind in remembering Cons. They come to mind for the evocation in the title of the hit song “Love is a many splendoured thing.” Because there was such splendour in the abundant love that Cons gave to so many persons and things. Hers was not a contained or subdued love. It was a robust, earthy, expressive, supportive and brilliant love.

3. Her greatest love was for her family: her late husband, Ray, and daughters Barbara, Phyllis, Sandra and Diana. And her big sister, Sister Elma. They meant so much to her and she was fiercely protective and caring for them. Her family returned that love in equal measure and intensity. It was truly wonderful to see the way that Cons and her husband and children continuously bonded. They shared life.

4. As if such abundant love were not enough, there is a really large number of persons who stand in relation to Cons almost as if they were her own children. When she referred to Dean Barrow and Sista B and I as her other children, it was both a frequent and a real expression of love. And this was not limited to us. She treated the children of her wider family and her friends as her children. There are many persons here and abroad who have made telephone calls and sent paper and electronic messages to share their personal and special experiences of standing in that circle of Mis’ Consie’s love. To so many individuals it is a special relationship, no matter how many others of us feel that same way.

5. More than that, in a real way Consie’s love extended more widely -- beyond those closer relationships – because there was Consie’s manifest love of people, generally. There was a genuine warmth and caring for persons in her community. There was a generosity of spirit that made her considerate and kind to persons who stood in no particular relationship to her.

6. That spirit was no doubt at the core of her other great love: politics! Consie was legendary for her passionate support of her political party and especially her “son,” Dean. She was there with him from the time he began his political journey. She gave her zealous support to him all the way from his Belize City Council candidature to the Prime Ministerial office. In the fervor and heat of election campaigning Cons was always highly active and effective. She did not sleep on election eve -- not only because she was up cooking for election-day workers but because she was too excited. And you could bet that at 6 o’clock election morning she would be at her appointed spot.

7. If her energy and zeal made her a formidable political adversary, imagine how much more formidable she was for the ‘mouth’ she had! Consie had no hesitation in saying exactly and fully what she had to say. Her children, in contributing to this remembrance, have manifested their inheritance from their mother of the art of plain speaking. As they put it: Consie was opinionated. And it was not confined to politics. So, whatever the subject matter, you could expect to receive the extended version of Consie’s opinion and, if that opinion included criticism of your actions then you could be sure you would get the full brunt. But the thing about Consie’s opinions is that they were never mean spirited or motivated by bad mind. The sum of it all is that Cons was honest. In her views and in life.

8. This openness, this honesty, and this love of life were really defining characteristics of this beautiful woman whose time with us we are now gathered to celebrate. There are plenty of happy memories that will ease the sense of loss that we join with her children and sister in feeling. Sister Elma and Babs, Phyl, San and Diana will remember warmly her love for travel, her outstanding cooking, her card and Pokeno games, the tv shows she loved to watch, the spicy expressions that she would let fly, the bellyful of laughter she often produced and the sheer enjoyment of life that she brought alive.

9. It was so fitting that Cons left this life in the same way she had lived it. In the couple days she was hospitalized her room was almost constantly packed with an impressive rotation of family and friends, usually no less than 12 to 15 friends at a time, and their fun and laughter crowded sadness out of the room. On Thursday Cons was very alert from 3:30 in the afternoon until the last visitor left at 10:00. She was on a roll, giving and enjoying jokes, and generating the bellyful of laughter that was her trade mark. And she found time to tell her son, Dean, exactly what she thought of his beard as well as what he needed to do about matters great and small.
10. And that was Cons, right through to the end. 

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