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Written by Shane D. Willaims   
Thursday, 06 February 2014 00:00

If you have a vehicle that is more than nine years old or has more than 75,000 miles on the dashboard then Sol Belize has a lubricant made especially for you. The new Shell Helix High Mileage motor vehicle lubricants promise to extend the engine life of older and high mileage vehicles.

On Wednesday, February 5th, Sol Belize launched the Shell Helix HX7, HX5 and HX3 high mileage lubricants. Michael Merritt, Lubricant Technical Advisor for the Sol Group, held a familiarity session with Sol employees and lubricant wholesalers and retailers. Merritt says the Shell Helix high mileage line was created because “in this global economy people cannot afford to just be changing vehicles.” He says, “The automotive industry expects that after 75,000 miles a vehicle will start experiencing the effects of aging.”

Merritt explains that the new premium high performance lubricants contain additives that slows aging, cleans engine and prevent leaks. Merritt says there is a seal rejuvenator additive that helps the oil flow and slows leakage by rejuvenating shrunken engine seals. There is also a detergent agent that cleans the engine and help to stop dirt and sludge from building up. An antioxidant helps reduce oil degradation and allows it to last longer and anti-wear agents help reduce wear and tear on the engine.

The Shell Helix High Mileage line is 15 percent more expensive than other Shell lubricants. However, Merritt says we must be reminded that only a little more than one percent of our vehicle expense is on oil. However, the quality of oil influences how much you spend on gas and how much you spend at the mechanic shop. There is also a special promotion for the month of February on the new lubricant line. For every gallon of Helix High Mileage lubricants purchased a customer gets a chance to win a new set of tires.