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Thursday, 13 February 2014 00:00

Mayor Darrell Bradley has undertaken to concrete some 130 streets in Belize City by May of this year and he is working very much apace to achieve this goal. While Mayor Bradley has been able to execute his vision in record time, the one utility company which is bearing a large portion of the workload in order for the pace to be kept is the Belize Water Services Limited (BWSL).

bwsl.jpg - 74.76 KbOn Wednesday, Chief Executive Officer of BWSL , Alvan Hyanes and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, Alberto August were on Princess Margaret drive as the company was doing work to upgrade the underground water mains on that stretch of road from the Hour Bar to in front of Nazarene High School. Speaking to Haynes, he explained that the extent of work that is being carried out by BWSL was not anticipated and so far the company has invested 4 million dollars in upgrades across the city. By the end of the project which is being promoted by the concreting of streets, the company would have spent 7 million dollars. According to Haynes the company by itself would not have been able to finance the works so it looked at the major shareholder, the Government of Belize which relieved the company from paying 3.1 million dollars in debt to the Caribbean Development Bank. That freed up the debt burden of the company allowing it to proceed with works.

To date the company has 15 crews working with as many as 150 temporary workers being hired to do excavation and plumbing work. The company has also been able to purchase equipment including backhoes and other vehicles as a result of the work program. And while it is investing in improved water mains, the company is also seeing better service to customers through improved water pressure as well as a decrease in what is termed as non-revenue water. That is water which is lost as a result of leaks and theft. Haynes said that the improvements has cut down non-revenue water from over 40% to now 25% and that figure is expected to go down to at least 20% by the time the works are completed.

For now, the biggest project being undertaken by the utility company is on Princess Margaret Drive which is expected to last between 3 to 5 weeks. Haynes says the work will see the replacing of older mains with new larger ones which will be able to handle future water demands. He added that while the work is being done, there is no interruption of water service for customers yet there is a need to install new service connections to every customer currently connected and even to empty lots. The work is causing inconveniences but by the time it is done everyone will benefit through better water service and 'A' class roads.

That however, is not all, with 150 persons now hired for the work to be done, the chairman of BWSL, Alberto August, says that the project is doing much to put a dent in crime. "If your people are working, they keep away from crime!," he stated.
Indeed, and it is only under a UDP government that a statement like that can be made.       

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