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Thursday, 13 February 2014 00:00

Infatuation, fixation, fascination, even mania is what the PUP have developed over Elvin Penner. And this week they, through their attorney Edwin Flowers, wrote an epilogue as to why Penner should be charged by police. They end claiming that they will take the matter to court if there is no response within seven days.

It is now painfully obvious that the PUP are scratching at the Penner sore but they are simply not getting enough blood out of it as the Belizean people are now more interested in the development that is taking place across the country.

Never before has the country experienced the amount of development on a national scale as it is doing right now and the distractionary measures that the PUP have tried to employ have failed miserably.  They try to beat at everything that is being done. But like Lisa Shoman trying to beat on the BTL Park, the Elvin Penner matter simply has no traction. Then they tried to get the BNTU to rile up its members; that too failed miserably. Then the BSCFA was being used to try to instigate the cane farmers- that too was NADA.

The PUP simply have nothing to go on and at the end of it all, that is what they will end up with... Nothing.

Development is taking place. Maybe they should open their eyes to it and see just like every other Belizean already has- this UDP government will not let off on improving the conditions of the people and it will also not let off on ensuring that we live in a better country than what was left after their 10 year rule.
The first term of the UDP was to get the financial house in order, now we are rolling into the golden age of Belize’s development. It can only get better.