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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

Sharon Neal-Flowers, Erwin Robinson, and Omar Phillips, all immigration officers from the Passports Section of the Immigration Department have had their opportunity to defend themselves and their reputations as public officers before a tribunal of the Public Service Commission, which was held on Wednesday, February 19, in Belmopan.

 These 3 officers were the same officers who were suspended at the initial stages when the “Citizen Kim” Passport scandal was exposed by Prime Minister Dean Barrow when he took action against former Minister of State, Elvin Penner.

 These officers’ name became synonymous with the irregular Belizean passport issued to international fugitive Won Hong Kim, where it was suggested that they may have had a hand in the production of that fraudulent document.

 They finally got their opportunity to present their defence and have the tribunal give it whatever weight they saw fit. That hearing took place behind closed doors where the Director of Immigration Maria Marin presented evidence against all 3 of them, to show exactly what role they supposedly had to play in the passport scandal.

 Their attorneys, Oswald Twist and Andrea McSweaney McKoy, were able to cross-examine Marin and also put their clients defence before the Commission, and after 3 hours of presentations, the hearing of this matter came to a conclusion.

 It is now up to the Public Service Commission to deliberate on the materials presented and determine if these officers had fault in the scandal. Their employment hangs in the balance.