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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

The PUP picked the absolute worst of the worst to be the errand boy to deliver an application for Judicial Review against the commissioner of police. Surely enough, the PUP know that the motion that they are seeking will really not get off the ground, so they decided to go to the one PUP attorney who is really not afraid to take a loss. Shortly before 4p.m. on Wednesday Anthony Sylvester took the walk from across the river at Musa and Balderamos and made his way to the Supreme Court Registry to lodge their application.

After coming out from the errand, he waxed to the media. "Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah, Blah," he stated and even responded to the Prime Minister's challenge that "the PUP, the opposition, is able to mount a private prosecution, if they feel so strongly that there is evidence to justify a prosecution; launch a private prosecution. That's perfectly in order it's their entitlement." In his response Sylvester proclaimed that only persons who have lawful custody of the documents can make a complaint to the police. When pressed that at one point the PUP, Arthur Saldivar from the PUP in particular, had possession of the documents, he stated that Saldivar is not the PUP. He almost went as far as to say that he is not a representative of the PUP. Asked if Saldivar was illegally in possession of the documents, Sylvester skirted around the issue. Simply put, he could not answer the question. This is typical of an attorney who makes a living off cut and pasting information to present in court and when pressed, cannot answer direct questions, especially if his mentor, Said Musa is not by his side.

The application that Sylvester made is to see if the court can intervene and direct the commissioner of police to bring charges against Elvin Penner in relation to the issuance of a passport to an individual who was not in the country, when it was issued. And the PUP are like rabid dogs on this one because this is the only thing that they have to go on these days. In fact the country is going through an economic and infrastructural boom that they are trying to divert the attention of the Belizean people from paying attention to what is happening to a non-issue.

That however will not work, and those looking on simply have one word for them- PAPPYSHOW!