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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

big tom.jpg - 60.05 KbThe notorious “Big Tom” was arrested by police again on Sunday, February 16th. Some years ago Big Tom, whose real name is Kenneth Flowers, was thought to be dead after reports surfaced that he was shot and killed while in the United States. That proved not to be true when Flowers was recently deported to Belize. Since his arrival in Belize he has had several encounters with police and, though he claims to be a changed man, Flowers has faced charges of associating with a criminal gang. His most recent charge came from an encounter he had with police on Sunday.

According to police officer Alyson Revers, sometime around 8:55 a.m. on Sunday he and other officers were on mobile patrol on Mahogany Street when his attention was drawn to a bronze coloured Honda four door car that was travelling without a license plate. The officers stopped the vehicle and the occupants started to curse him out. Revers claims that Flowers was one of four occupants who used indecent words towards him while he was executing his duty. According to Revers, Flowers used indecent words to him three times while challenging the officers’ decision to stop and search the vehicle. As a result, he was arrested and charged for using indecent words toward PC #1411 Alyson Revers.

Flowers appeared in the Belize City Magistrates Court on Monday, February 17th, to answer to three counts of indecent words towards a police officer. Magistrate Dale Cayetano looked at the charges and decided that two of the counts were based on the same exchange of words; therefore, one count was dropped. Flowers wasted no time and pleaded guilty to the charges. In court, he said that he was frustrated because police officers continuously harass him. Flowers says that if the G.S.U. sees him six times for the day they will search and harass him six times for that day. He told Magistrate Cayetano, “Everyday I work hard.  On that day, I just took a bath and left my mother’s home and the GSU if they see me 5-6 times ah day, I get search.” He continued, “the police they love put me into things I nuh do.” He says all that played into his frustration that day.

Magistrate Cayetano imposed two non-custodial sentences for the guilty pleas. He fined Flowers $150 for each count plus two $5 cost of court fees which he must pay by May 31st or serve two months in default.

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