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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

After being missing for more than a week, police finally found the body of 61 year-old Lester Yorke Rowland, also known as “Doggy” or “Tin Man” on Monday, February 17. The post-mortem will have to confirm, but investigators believe that he was killed and then dumped inside his cement water vat, where his body had been decomposing.
2 hours before his body was discovered inside the vat, officers found his white Ford taxi car abandoned in a drain at the corner of Faber’s and Crewman Roads. The persons driving it ran it in the drain and left it there with the key in the ignition. That was the first ominous sign that Rowland may have been killed.

 The suspicions were confirmed when residents of Guerrero street started smelling the odour of decay and they noticed scavenger birds circling Rowland’s house. Investigation by persons in the area revealed that a body, strongly suspected to be Lester Rowland, was found inside the cement vat, which is in the yard, right next to his house.

 Police spent most of the next day trying to retrieve the body, and after heavy equipment was used to break out a section of the vat, Dr. Estradabran was able to get to the body to try to conduct an on-site post-mortem. Steven Rowland has already confirmed that the body is indeed his brother, Lester, who went missing.

Police are investigating all possibilities, and at this time, Rowland’s nephew has been detained for questioning as a person of interest.