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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

Zurisaday Villasenor Mendez, the Mexican national who was allegedly caught by Corozal police with a small stash of weapons and drugs, has been out on bail Since February 10, because he didn’t attend his court hearing on February 18, the authorities strongly suspect that he has absconded.

Mendez was granted bail of $75,000, and he needed to show up to court on Tuesday, February 18 for a routine adjournment before Magistrate Narda Morgan. His case can’t progress because a constitutional challenge launched in the Supreme Court has delayed it, but he was supposed to attend the Wednesday hearing, which he skipped out on.

 The police officers attending the court called for him to present himself before the Magistrate several times, but he was nowhere to be found, and neither were his attorneys, who would have been expected to help to explain his absence from court.

 Seeing that the matter was not moving forward, DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal stepped out after a short break in the hearing, and she called Arthur Saldivar, one of Mendez’s 3 attorneys by telephone. Saldivar explained to the Director that he couldn’t attend the Wednesday hearing before Magistrate Morgan because he was in Belmopan on another hearing. He promised to make attempts to contact Mendez, who he assured was well aware of the mandatory Wednesday hearing. When the DPP called back, Saldivar explained that he couldn’t reach Mendez or his family, but they were supposed to be in Corozal. After Magistrate Morgan was informed, she immediately issued a bench warrant for Mendez’s immediate arrest.

Another important reason why the authorities believe that Mendez may have fled the country while out on bail is that he was supposed to adhere to a strict schedule to sign in at the Corozal Police Station. It was part of his bail conditions, and a report from the Officer Commanding Corozal Police says that Mendez has repeatedly failed to sign in since he made bail on February 10. Corozal police raided 2 rooms from the Las Vegas Hotel, located in the Free Zone, and found 7 guns, 12 magazines 144 bullets, a small amount of drugs, and an assortment of communication devices. All of these items, they confidently, proclaimed, could have been connected to Mendez.