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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

pm and zabanehs.jpg - 68.92 KbFormer PUP Mayor of Belmopan, Anthony Chanona, articulated what hundreds of citrus farmers hold in their hearts: 

"History must record when it is read that at this time of crisis and at this juncture in the saga of this crisis that it was the government of the Honorable Prime Minister and a UDP government that stepped in and put us on a footing forward.”

The caneros of Northern Belize would like to share ownership of Chanona’s words as well. When that industry was at the brink of collapse and the company was having trouble meeting its debt obligation the UDP Government bailed them out with millions of dollars. Government then scouted for a strategic investor to ensure the long term viability of the industry and now the farmers are receiving more than they ever have for their sugarcane as the industry is expanding. Even some of the caneros who are die hard P.U.P. would like to wrap themselves in Chanona’s now famous words.

It is the same feeling shared by those tour operators with businesses at the Fort Street Tourism Village when the giant cruise line was playing hardball. Thousands working in the tourism industry were concerned about their job security when the future of the cruise tourism industry was uncertain. They all breathed a collective sigh of relief when Prime Minister Barrow stepped in an brokered a deal with industry stakeholders. History has recorded.

When the country was facing prolonged periods  of darkness because B.E.L. couldn’t find operating capital; when Ashcroft manipulated the telecommunications industry; when aquaculture workers saw their industry sink; when the urban youths saw no chance at a productive life, history has recorded “that it was the government of the Honorable Prime Minister and a UDP government that stepped in and put us on a footing forward.”
Many in the People’s United Party are angry at Chanona. Some would even wish to see him thrown out of the party. They are not mature enough to call a spade a spade. Chanona had no ill intention towards his party when he uttered such words. The fact is he pinned them on the stance that he was speaking from his side of the political divide. He was not the only one with words of gratitude towards Prime Minister Barrow. If they had heard what others who are true blue P.U.Ps they would be greatful that only Chanona’s statement was captured on tape. They would perhaps also want to get rid of the Zabaneh brothers whose words of gratitude may be even stronger than Chanona’s.

It is time for mature politics. The P.U.P. shouldn’t be mad at Chanona; instead, Fonseca should be lining up his representatives from Southern Belize so that they can place their words of appreciation on behalf of their people to the United Democratic Party’s Government. Rodwell Ferguson should hit leadoff.

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