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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

Minister of Education Hon. Patrick Faber has once again engaged on a national tour of schools across the country. More than just doing the rounds at the schools, he has undertaken to meet with all stakeholders in the education system and more importantly with the parents.

According to Minister Faber, the tour is designed  so that he is able to get a first hand look at the education system in every corner of the country. He says that in his visits to the schools he takes time out to explain to the teachers and the students the ministry's works and vision and also to get the concerns that are out there. So far he has visited schools in urban and rural areas of the  Orange Walk and Toledo District and the minister says it has been a pleasure to do so. He explained that he was impressed by an agricultural program that is being run by a teacher, Mr. Chi, in Santa Cruz (Botes) in the Orange Walk District. It is a novel program and one that encourages students to alternatives to the academic side of education he stated.

While he has been able to see the good of the education system he added that he has also been able to see some failures where some schools are underutilized while others are packed to capacity. And this is the idea he says, to find out what is happening on the ground and to find ways of improving what exists and to duplicate what is working well.

The second objective of the tour he said is to meet with parents and get their input on the system. The first took place in Orange Walk town and while the turnout was not encouraging , the second leg, in PG was. There were hundreds of parents from across the district that showed up and held a hearty one on one with the minister to ensure a better education system. When meeting with the parents, Hon. Faber stated that he is proposing Parent Associations to be engaged in the improving of the system.
Hon. Faber will do similar tours in the coming weeks in all districts.