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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

The sounds of "Eye of the Tiger" the thunderclap of fireworks and balloon drops filled the People's Stadium in Orange Walk as Denny Grijalva made his entrance to be was officially endorsed as the UDP's Standard Bearer for the Orange Walk Central constituency on Saturday February 15th.

With UDP officials including the Deputy Party Leader, Hon. Gaspar Vega, Party Chairman, Alberto August, and Secretary General Pearl Stuart present; there was a thunderous applause and cheering as Grijalva made his entrance. Other invited guests at the endorsement included Orange Walk East Standard Bearer, Elodio Aragon Jr.; Orange Walk South Standard Bearer, Juan de Dios Moguel; and Orange Walk Central supporters who resoundingly endorsed Grijalva as the new Standard Bearer.

Addressing the gathering of almost a thousand residents, Party Chairman, Alberto August declared that Denny will be the man who will bring back the division to the United Democratic Party. He went on to express that the UDP now has a track record of development which can only get better and it is a track record that Grijalva will be following up on. Thereafter Denny was given the Oath of Allegiance to the Party he spoke to those present. Grijalva explained that the UDP has been present in the division from immediately after elections and will maintain that presence. He added that under his leadership, the long neglected village of San Estevan was the first in the country to get concrete streets, following up on the footsteps of the Mayor of Belize City, Darrell Bradley. He then went on to thank those who support him in his bid for office especially his family and his executive who work for the division.

Next to speak were the Orange Walk Central supporters who included, former mayor, Philip de la Fuente, chairman of San Estevan Elmer Flores, Jaime alonzo, Abi Cervantez, Dianne Perera, Cindy Wu and Pablo Arzu.

By far the most rousing presentation made was that by the Deputy Party Leader, Hon Gaspar Vega who singled out Grijalva as a hard worker, he went on to say that what Denny has been able to do in his short space of time as Caretaker and now Standard Bearer, Johnny Briceno has not been able to do in 25 years. And that is a true statement, Grijalva is extremely active in the constituency, paving streets that are the responsibility of the town council, giving social assistance, building and repairing homes, assisting with healthcare and education and sporting activities. Imagine, he is not yet elected as a representative  and is already delivering in this manner, what if he were to be elected?