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Thursday, 20 February 2014 00:00

Because of poor planning, 2 Ladyville residents got shot at a family event planned by the PUP on Sunday February 19.

 About 200 residents attended a family day where the neighbourhood kids participated in basketball and football competitions for most of the day without incident. The football section of the event finished, and all that was left was for the trophies and prizes to be given out. In the evening, the basketball competition was still ongoing, and so everyone crowded into the Ladyville Basketball Court waiting for the event to finish completely.

Reportedly, while one of the basketball games was ongoing, there was a misunderstanding between individuals known to police, and one of them left after he felt that he was disrespected. He then went home and returned with a shotgun. That man then snuck back onto the basketball court compound, hid from whoever he intended to attack, and while everyone was enjoying themselves, he took aim at a group of people on top of the bleachers. He then fired shots indiscriminately at the crowd, where supposedly his target was sitting. It caused mass-panic after the event was promoted as a safe outing for children, so the attendants thought that they were safe.|

 Sitting in the crowd at the time were 16 year-old Ornan Joseph Avila and 37 year-old Arlene Bainton and they got hit by pellets. Bainton got shot in the forehead and on the leg, while Avila suffered injuries to the chest and leg. There was one other person who reportedly suffered minor gunshot injuries, but the Guardian has been unable to confirm.

 The shooting at the event caused public terror to unfold, and in the wake of panicked attendants trying to get to safety in the hopes of not getting shot, the gunman slipped away.

 Now, whenever events like these are planned, the police department are usually engaged to provide security, but in this instance that was not done. That is huge oversight which put an entire crowd of people at risk of injury or even death. This event was planned by PUP operators who ran in the 2013 slate for the village council elections and lost. They promoted it as an activity planned and endorsed by Area Representative Dolores Balderamos-Garcia. She has denied connection to the event to the media claiming that all she did was grant funding to allow the event to be possible because she was approached by those PUP operators. She also categorically states that if she did plan the event, she would have ensured that police security to be present to ensure citizen safety.

 But hindsight, it is said, is always 20/20, and in this instance the PUP organizers made a huge error that put families and children at risk on Sunday where people got shot.