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Thursday, 27 February 2014 00:00

Lindbergh Alexander Clarke, 21, a laborer of a Central American Boulevard address, is in jail after he was convicted of three illegal weapons charges. 

At around 1 a.m. on July 14th, 2012, Clarke drew the attention of Gang Suppression Unit officers when he was seen riding a bicycle contrary to the flow of traffic on Central American Boulevard. The officers approached and tried to stop him but he sped off. The officers chased him and, according to detective constable Adrian Lopez, that was when they saw him throwing an object from his waist into a drain on Central American Boulevard. The officers eventually caught up with Clarke and took him back to the area where the object was thrown. Lopez placed a plastic over his hand and retrieved the object from the drain. It turned out to be a black Carl Walther brand 9 mm pistol with serial number 132218. It was loaded with 3 live rounds of bronze PMP brand 9 mm ammunitions and 2 live rounds of Winchester brand bronze .380 ammunitions. Clarke was arrested and charged with one count of keeping a firearm without a license and two counts of keeping ammunition without a license.

On Thursday, February 20th, Clarke was tried before Magistrate Hettie Mae Stewart. In defense, Clarke was represented by attorney Ellis Arnold. He said that he and another male were riding in the area and when his friend saw the police he threw the gun into a drain and sped off. Police never caught the other man he said even though they had set chase after him.  Clarke said that when the police arrived back at the scene they told him that since they could not detain the young man then he would have to take the responsibility for the gun. Clarke claims that he is innocent. Arnold submitted that the prosecution’s case was full of inconsistencies and since the court has doubts about the prosecution’s witnesses then benefit of the doubt should be given to the accused. Arnold said the fact that police didn’t make an effort to locate the other man even after they knew his identity shows that his client is innocent.

Court prosecutor, Sgt. Pablo Pinkney, called two police witnesses who collaborated each other’s stories by pointing to Clarke as the person who was seen throwing the object. Clarke was found guilty of keeping a firearm without a gun license and two counts of keeping ammunition without a license. For the three offenses, he was imposed a 5 year prison sentence each. However, the sentences are to run concurrently so Clarke will only serve 5 years in prison.
Arnold informed the Magistrate of his intent to appeal before leaving court.