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Thursday, 27 February 2014 00:00

Four days after having escaped from a moving Police van on the George Price Highway and near his home in Ontario Village in the Cayo District, Jarod Arthurs Lamb, better known as “Steel Bob” was recaptured by Police in Santa Elena Town at about 4:00 PM on Monday of this week. San Igancio Police had been informed on the whereabouts of Jarod Lamb and responded to his location, seeing him flee near the Santa Elena Football Field. Police then set chase and fired several shots at him, with one shot being directed two inches below his left knee. Jarod Lamb was then escorted to the San Ignacio Hospital and then to the Karl Heusner Hospital where he is now in stable condition and under Police guard.

Jarod Lamb was being transported by Police from the Hattieville Prison to the San Ignacio Magistrate Court on Thursday of last week along with six other prisoners when he freed himself from his handcuffs and made a “loud bang” on exiting the back of the vehicle.

Jarod Arthurs Lamb is wanted for murder, aggravated burglary and robbery in the Cayo Area. Jarod Lamb is currently on remand, along with Marvin Neal for the January 24, 2013 murder of forty year old Steven Valencia at his isolated concrete home on La Luz Boulevard in Santa Elena Town. Steven Valencia was shot three times in the presence of his two daughters after two men had forcibly entered his house.

Four months later (April 16, 2013) Jarod Lamb was to strike again during a broad daylight robbery at Rumors Resort on the George Price Highway between mile 67 and 68. At this location the proprietor reported that she was approached by two dark complexion men, who grabbed her by the neck and began choking her. Fortunately she was able to struggle out of their arms and managed to remove the rag from one of the aggressor’s face. The victim was then hand tied by the intruders and abandoned in the laundry room. Her jewelry was later found in the possession of Jarod Lamb and Marvin Neal under a tree in the Trapiche Area of Santa Elena Town, where both men then escaped after being approached by Police. A subsequent identification parade conducted by San Ignacio Police would later also connect Jarod Lamb to the incident at the Rumors Resort.

With the capture of a most wanted criminal, Cayo’s streets have once again become much safer. Cayo’s residents are satisfied that a bolstered Community Policing and nascent Police Special Constables Program, strong neighborhood watches and a local Police Commander, determined  to keep crimes to a minimum is paying off with hefty dividends.