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Thursday, 27 February 2014 00:00

Barry Lee Wade, 34, and his common-law-wife, 37-year-old Elizabeth Ann Linarez, were busted over the weekend with 3.9 kilograms of marijuana. The Gang Suppression Unit executed a raid of the couple’s home on Mahogany Street Extension at about 4:30 on Saturday afternoon, February 22nd. According to reports, when Jonas Velasquez opened the door, police proceeded to search the house and found a bag in one of the bedrooms which contained six parcels. Another bag in the room contained ten parcels. Officers checked the parcels and found that they contained marijuana. They then went to get the owner of the house, Barry Lee Wade, and escorted him to the house. Wade told the officers that Velasquez had nothing to do with the marijuana and that he did not live there. Velasquez was allowed to leave. As officers were concluding the search, Wade’s common-law-wife, Linarez, showed up. Since she lived at the house, Linarez was also arrested and taken to the police station. The marijuana was weighed in their presence. The six parcels amounted to 2.7 kilograms and the ten parcels amounted to 1.2 kilograms for a total of 3.9 kilograms marijuana, or 8.6 pounds.

The couple appeared before Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith on Monday, February 24th, to answer to charges of drug possession and drug trafficking. However, Wade claimed ownership of the drug and pleaded guilty to the charges. Linarez was freed from the charges and Wade was fined $10,000 plus $5 cost of court. He was ordered to pay $5,000 immediately and the balance by February 15th of 2015 or serve three years in prison.

Barry Lee Wade Busted with Over 8 Pounds of Weed