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Thursday, 27 February 2014 00:00

The Aba Isieni Group which is a branch Of The National Garifuna Council of Belize is having an event of Thanksgiving to The Founding Fathers Of The Garinagu to be held in Livingston Guatemala from the 27th February 2014 to the 1st March 2014 in a place called Chawecha” Que weche”. (Chawecha has been the Mecca for Garifuna priests or Buyei. It is a sacred place where the Buyei are initiated.)

This thanks giving event is going to be a mini Dugu known to Garinagu as Chugu. During the ceremony the convergence of the Garifuna communities of Guatemala, Honduras and Belize will take place in a Mass of thanksgiving on the 28th and Mali drumming on the 27th and 28th along with Offerings of song and food to the ancestors. We give thanks to Joseph Chattoyer,his chief wife Barrouda, his daughter Gulisi, Elejo Veni, Marco Sanchez Diaz (the founder of Livingston Guatemala, Thomas Vincent Ramos the Garifuna Settlement Day founder of Belize, Juan Francisco Bulnes (Walumugu) the founder Of Honduras settlements and Santiago Avilez. This event is also a process of the healing of our nation as we believe that our ancestors still play a vital role in our daily lives. All are invited.