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Thursday, 13 March 2014 00:00

espat and gill.jpg - 57.00 KbThe worst of it is upon the PUP hierarchy that they have become dangerous. Proof of the hard times that is being visited on the PUP after they are not able to loot the Government coffers came on display on Friday March 7, in front of the National Assembly Building. 

Julius Espat and his pet Vaugh Gill were right at the foot of the national assembly as harbingers of the PUP ills. Vaugh epitomizes the 'haad times' that have befallen the PUP these days, and his handler is the true-true slave master who is all too eager to parade the frail canine that is Vaugh to prove that the PUP is truly doing bad.

This time around they fumed and fraught-ed , proclaiming that they were championing some land issue for the people of Cotton Tree - we say Bull. These two are grandstanders and could care less about the people of that village. In fact, people have not seen Julius in that village, very much like the entire constituency, for over two years now. When he does make appearances it is to bring half of toys which are put together like jigsaw puzzles when two neighbors realize they received pieces of the same toy. For these two to now pretend to somehow care, well, that we can't even laugh at.

But back to the story at hand, the handler un muzzled his dog, and what a spectacle it was, he came out barking and snapping at everything around. "I NO THIEF" he blurted and quickly realized the error of his statement when he looked around and saw his boss. He would not repeat that again, however he went on and on and on and on he went. It surely was a pity that no one threw him a bone since it was obvious that hunger does make a man do desperate things.

Vaughn, a bit of advice, your boss has accumulated enough wealth under the PUP, maybe, just maybe he should be taking better care of you. You are about to disappear and those kinds of tirades that you are throwing these days, have us worried that you may just faint and never get up. You know Julius could do better by you.

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