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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

mike espat.jpg - 28.87 KbThe race for Dunce of the Year ended on Monday, March 25th, with a rant from Mike Espat about something that “really bothers” him. In his contribution to the budget debate, Espat referred to a quote in Prime Minister Barrow’s budget speech in which he said, “Away, then, Mr. Speaker, with the harlot’s brow, falsely beautified with plastering art.” Espat scolded PM Barrow; saying how dare he refer to Belizean women that way. He instructed the Prime Minister to have some respect for the women of Belize because “our women are not whores [harlots]”. Espat’s charges baffled the scholars in the gallery of the House of Representatives. It was as if he used the stage to announce that not only is he ignorant and illiterate but he also is too slow to realize when he is the one being insulted. Prime Minister Barrow was using a line from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in which Claudius spoke about disguising “ugly actions” using “fine words”. PM Barrow’s use of the line was referring to the P.U.P.’s recent “recommitment to social justice”. PM Barrow said, “The whore’s pockmarked cheek made pretty with make-up is just like the ugly actions they [PUP] are seeking to disguise with their new rhetoric.” Such beautiful use of a literary masterpiece went far above Mike Espat’s level of understanding.

What is even worse is that Prime Minister Barrow did his best to let them know that they are the ones about to be insulted before using the line.  PM Barrow said, “I want to paraphrase a line from Claudius- and apply it to them [PUP], scrambling in vain to reclaim power, turning every trick to try and weasel their way into the good graces of the Belizean people.” It was more than two weeks after Prime Minister introduced the line to him that Espat stood up in the House, pounded the table and accused PM Barrow of calling the Belizean women whores. His actions not only proved that he is an illiterate idiot, it also proves that Prime Minister Barrow’s use of the line was dead on. “

 Espat’s grandstanding shows how the PUP is “turning every trick to try and weasel their way into the good graces of the Belizean people.”

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