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Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

Motorists travelling on the Philip Goldson highway were taken aback when all of a sudden, some humongous speed bumps were erected near to the Our Lady of the Way R.C. School in Ladyville. This is the same area where 8-year-old Kyeisha Joseph, was knocked down as she came off a school bus to go to school.

Acting in the most hasty and uncalculating manner, it seems Dolores Balderamos Garcia, trying to be some sort of guardian angel, put them up. She even called radio stations beating her chest and pronouncing that this was the only act she has done since being elected area representative more than two years ago. And while she beat her chest in triumph, motorists beat their heads on their steering wheels as the bumps were just too much. The height is just too much and now instead of savoir, she turned into a mechanic's best friend as complaints keep pouring in that motorists are ripping the base pans off their vehicles.

Dolores says she was forced to take action because the Ministry of Works would not respond. What she failed to say is that at this point the Ministry will not respond because the financial year has just come to an end and if she had been paying attention she would know that the budget was just debated and finances for these types of works need to first be approved.

For the time being, motorists will keep ripping off their base pans because whoever Dolores got to do the job simply does not know what he is doing and is now causing drivers much anguish.