Prime Minister Barrow to Hand Over $1 Billion to Hon. Oscar Requena Print E-mail
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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

The Prime Minister of Belize was so impressed with Hon. Oscar Requena’s presentation at the 2014 budget debate that he is thinking about presenting a cheque to the Area Rep for over one billion dollars, according to rumours.

We are told that Hon. Requena already has a plan for the money. He gave hints of that plan in his budget presentation but those close to the Area Rep have given a few details. Within six months time, Requena plans to hot mix every street in Toledo West. Every drain will be equipped with pipes that will flush out dirty water and replace it with high quality purified drinking water. Water pipes will reach every home with hot and cold shower and Jacuzzis. Lamp posts and electricity will be extended to every home- even in the most remote communities and there will be no light bill. There will be an ambulance, police truck, autobus, grader and bulldozer for every street. Requena’s affiliates say he plans to build a couple high schools and a university in every village and education will be completely free, even the pencils and erasers. For those out of school, office jobs will be provided for everyone regardless of educational background and skill set. Massive green houses will be built weather proof so that storms and Mother Nature will never affect agricultural products.

These are only some of the projects that Requena plans to execute and the $1 billion will be the first down payment for the grand plan- yes, only the first down payment. The remaining sum of money necessary to see Requena’s plans completed will come from international donors who are lining up to hand over money since it is also rumoured that Requena has the solution to stop Global Warning dead in its tracks.

Requena’s friends are at a bus stop waiting for Prime Minister Barrow to reach with the cheque. Despite all our efforts, we have not been able to reach Prime Minister Barrow to verify this rumour. However, sources close to the PM says the rumour is “absolute nonsense”.