Valley of Peace Farmers loose crops, blaming Green Tropics Print E-mail
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Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

The Ministry of Agriculture is completing its investigation into allegations that crop dusting done by Green Tropics in the Valley of Peace village on March 15 may have destroyed as much as 0,000 dollars worth of vegetables being produced by some 30 farmers.

Ministry personnel have sent samples taken from the crops to El Salvador to determine what type of chemicals were causing the damage. Those results are expected by the middle of next week. A spokesperson from Green Tropics has told the media that if the company is culpable they will deal with the liability.
As much as 150 to 200 acres of vegetables have been damaged. Farmers say that about 80% of their crops have been damaged and are dying as a result of chemical burns. It is also believed that the rest of the crops have received damage where it will not be able to be harvested.

Green Tropics is a Spanish company that is investing 90 million U.S. dollars to plant sugar cane and install a sugar mill in the Cayo district.