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Thursday, 27 March 2014 00:00

I listened in, on and off, to the budget debate on Monday and Tuesday past and I must say that it was, from the presentations I got to hear, much more civil than on previous occasions, even with the usual background banter from both sides. For the most part, I think the topics addressed were properly researched and the deliveries eloquent. We can allow ourselves a dash of pride once in a while you know, when something like this goes right for a change. 
Of course some people have commented that the PUP Leader shouts too much, and that Musa has now been reduced to reciting Mother Goose rhymes. I tell you, with the next election slated for 2017, and Musa vying for another five-year term, it seems that the PUP will have to prop him up to make his speeches/recitals in the future. The man just will not retire from politics.

Then I must mention the usual counterfeits in the PUP, the ones that use this forum to grandstand about how saintly and intelligent they are as compared to the UDP. They preach on every occasion about how deeply concerned they are about the plight of the Belizean people and if ever they get appointed to the Cabinet, they would do, oh so much for our country! How humbly they would serve the people and corruption would never taint their white, four-pocketed “Guayaberas”. I need to ask a favor: the day you hear me say that I subscribe to the words of Julius Espat, Marin Jr. or any Fonseca, I want you to please have me committed.

But the main topic of this discourse happened outside the Honorable House, where on Monday there was a demonstration organized by the youth arm of the PUP. It was headed by no other than Micah Goodin. You remember him, right? If not, let me refresh your memory with these quotes “Give me your ears, or deliver to me, my death, as I welcome to you, the second Belizean revolution, being led by the Belize Coalition for Justice. Those that are not ready, or are not willing to fight will be trampled, and I make no apologies. They will be trampled."

I am not a person who knows who is who in politics, but when the organization Belize Coalition for Justice burst on the scene for a record short existence, I instantly recognized it for what it was: a PUP front. You see, the tactic at that time was to assemble as many organizations as possible, give them a name that has “Belize” in it, and call it independent. The next step for these little off the cuff groups would be to quickly call a press conference and angrily denounce some inconsequential concern, in an attempt to embarrass the Government.

My friends and I pegged Goodin’s act from the first instance and here we are today, right on the dot. The man even has an official title in the PUP: Youth Envoy. His past words make me wonder about Tuesday; with the mere 50 or so PUP youths that he could muster from all over the country, who all do you think he will trample for not having attended his rally against nothing?