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Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00

The Plus TV crew seems to be peeking out of the closet more and more each passing day. After a few years of hiding in the dark with his PUP flag, Patrick Andrews was the first to fall out. Louis Wade is leading the smear campaign against Julius Espat’s opponent and it now appears that Geovanni Brackett also cannot hide who he is anymore. He now attaches himself to the hip of Said Musa’s son (the Musa one) on every public appearance. It is also known that Brackett now relies on the arrogant young Musa for lunch money. It is not surprising that the leader of COLA, who is known for his love of the spotlight, has easily taken a backseat to Kareem Musa in the Penner witch hunt. After all, Musa fed him well in Belmopan that day.

And after Brackett is thirsty and his throat is hoarse from shouting empty threats into the video camera, he frequents Hour Bar where his looty PUP friends buys anything he wants. Brackett has been seen at Hour Bar on occasions with Winston Smiling. He has been seen socializing at the establishment with Troy Gabb. And, he has been knocking back drinks with the $30 million man himself, Tony Novelo.

All Fools Day is gone Brackett, the Belizean people are now seeing you for what you are - a well fed, well paid, loud PUP mouthpiece.