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Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00

The final UDP convention to select standard bearers for constituencies that do not currently have sitting area representatives was held on Sunday March 30 in the Corozal South East Constituency. Being the last convention of the season, it was not in the least bit disappointing to have 2,463 voters come out to cast their ballots. In the end it was Evan Cowo who emerged victorious with 1,338 votes while Alexander Ortega received 665 votes. Daisy Maroquin received 316 votes and Alexander Cruz received 119; there were 25 spoilt ballots.

The election took place at the Calcutta Community Center and residents from across the entire constituency came out to select their standard bearer. The final convention was the largest recorded by the United Democratic Party as there was a constant flow of voters from the start of the polling at ten. The voting continued well past the deadline of 5 p.m. being the longest one to be completed as well as the longest one to be counted.

At the end of the convention Cowo was sworn in and received unconditional support from all the other three candidates. Each of them pledged to work alongside him to once and for all take the Corozal South East constituency and turn it into UDP territory. For his part, Cowo also pledged to work extra hard to do this.