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Thursday, 03 April 2014 00:00

Hector Dean Lyons, a well-known Belize City resident, was murdered in an execution-style slaying on Sunday evening, March 30, at around 7 p.m. His shooting death happened a few hours before his 57th birthday, and a few hours after he had won big cash from the Boledo Lottery Draw.

bad card.jpg - 34.96 KbHe was sitting on the steps of a house on West Canal Street, a short distance away from his favourite hangout spot, Mike’s Club, and he was talking to a friend when a gunman ambushed the pair. The man rode up on bike, held Lyons up at gunpoint, and robbed him of his wallet. With no regard for the elder man’s life, the gunman then mercilessly executed him with a single shot to the right side of his head, which sent Lyons’ friend running across the street for cover. Lyons died almost instantly, and the gunman rode off and escaped.

His family is left to speculate why the gunman targeted him in such a manner, as though he was some notorious street figure. Lyons was the father of 3 teenaged children, and he was self-employed. He is described by his common-law wife as being generous and a good provider to her and his children.

Lyons developed the nickname, “Bad Card” amongst his friends for his love of gambling, and to note his 57th birthday which was fast approaching, he bought – we are told – 2000 pieces of “75” which meant that he had a payday of over $20,000 if he hadn’t been killed. His family also told the media that he is known to carry large sums of money on him, which is why they suspect that the assailant wanted to rob him. They are stunned, however, that the man decided to kill him without remorse, and without a second thought.

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