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Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

louis wade.jpg - 33.51 KbAt this newspaper when we began to see Julius Espat sidling up to Plus TV, we knew it was bad news for that media entity. We had long had suspicions that the fair and balanced approach that the television station had would soon be eroded and replaced with outright negative campaigning against the government.

The first outright move that the TV station made was exposed when Jason Andrews threw in his hat as a candidate for the PUP in Belmopan. It is our belief that Julius Espat was the guiding hand behind Andrews' decision.  While at the time Louis Wade tried to save face and pretended to kick Andrews off as a host of their morning show, there were still undertones present. Those undertones began to get louder and louder and soon enough the television station had gone from religious, fair and balanced to downright negative and anti-government.

It got so bad that Hon. John Saldivar mounted a lawsuit against Plus TV and Andrews and Wade- and won. Minister Saldivar did not seek financial compensation, and given the nature of the TV station's continued attack on him, maybe he should have. We are also now of the belief that he will soon mount another suit.

But lawsuits aside, to judge how far from their original plan the television station has veered, viewers need only look at the guests that are constantly on the show. There is Francis Fonseca, Julius Espat, Jason Andrews, Arthur Saldivar, Carlos Santos, Micah Goodin - all leaders, or current and past operatives of the People's United Party. There is not a single pro-government guest which has been invited to be a part of the morning show in quite a long, long time.

With all his negative chatter on the morning show, Wade is loosing crucial advertising dollars. Businesses are running away from his station and government offices have decided that it is not worth it. Even viewers to his program regularly call him and other stations to remind him that he has strayed and viewers are being turned away just like the advertisers are. Now it seems that people like Hugh O'brian is sweating fever for Wade, posting comments on Facebook making it seem as if Wade is the victim.

We do acknowledge that Wade is indeed a victim, a victim of his poor choice. After all that the PUP has done to this nation he has decided to align himself with them. It is no wonder that the once well respected programs on Plus TV are now nothing more than fillers on the cable company's channel listing.

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