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Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

April 4, 2014
Following an accusation by one Mr. Jermaine Miranda, involving the Clerk of the National Assembly, Mr. Eddie Webster, and Mr. Frank Mena, a meeting was held today, 4th April 2014, in the office of the Senior Superintendent of Police, Mr. Robert Mariano, at the Dangriga Police Station.

Attending the meeting which started at 11:30 am were Mr. Robert Mariano, Mr. Frank Mena, Mr. Eddie Webster, Mr. Moises Lopez, the Honourable Michael Peyrefitte, Reverend Frederick Francisco, Senior Justice of the Peace, Mrs. Antoniette Webster and Mr. Jermaine Miranda.

During the meeting Mr. Miranda admitted that the accusation he had made against Mr. Webster was untrue and he had done so to create mischief. Mr. Miranda apologized to Mr. Webster and Mr. Mena for his lack of judgment and mischief. It is expected that Mr. Miranda, according to Mr. Mariano, will be charged for making a false declaration to the police among other offences.