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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

I must offer compliments to Channel 7 for the impressive scores obtained in the recent media survey which revealed something many of us already knew; that this news station was considered by viewers as most reliable and accurate in its reporting. I mean, their culture in exercising tough professionalism combined with in-depth research on national issues is considered wide-ranging and informative. Most importantly, News 7 has no concealed agenda to pursue, and no political dragon to slay. Many other outlets cannot make such claim, especially Channel Fox, who is managed by a PUP die-hard and has turned the station into a campaign arm of the Opposition.

Let me tell you a few things about Fox. If there is but a minor occurrence in the most remote corner of our country which can have even the slightest negative influence on this UDP Government, Fox will chew it up and spew it out on viewers with a impassioned twist in the tale.

If there is a meeting of the Senate or the House, 80% of the news coming from Fox will show the Opposition members delivering their presentations, with the other 20% showing Government Ministers saying something or the other, mostly out of context.

The third contributing factor to Fox’s insipidity is that when they hook their claws into something, there is no letting go, and they will repeat the same recycled drivel each night, only in a higher octave to make it sound like breaking news. A case in point is Elvin Penner. Everybody recognized that the man did something wrong to our country. The passport and nationality documents that he facilitated were immediately cancelled and the Prime Minister stripped him of his title, his perks and his vehicle. Even his seating arrangement in the House was changed. The man has been literally shamed by his own Government and his former colleagues.

But that was not enough for Fox, COLA, and the stealthy PUP campaigners at the other news outlets who try to disguise their political bias under the wrap of patriotism and objectivity; they want to see Penner hung from the nearest tree, or at the very least, stripped of even the last shred of dignity the man may still possess as a human being. All in the name of trying to trigger an early election; all in an effort to bring back the former PUP Government which did this country so much wrong that Penner would look like a saint in their midst.

Here I have to mention Love, because that station is now not even pretending to be neutral; they are openly supportive of the PUP. Their news is rated lowest in terms of public interest, and the talk show hosts have gone stale, boring and smug. Some people say even the callers have become monotonous on Love, with the same two people dominating the phone lines each morning, voicing uninspired opinions. Love has lost its edge in the talk show market, because it seems that they have decided to hedge their bets that the PUP will win the next election. They, like many others, may be in for a surprise.