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Thursday, 10 April 2014 00:00

Since Thursday, April 3, a small group of squatters has been trying to play upon the sympathies of the Belizean public, which has been tolerant over the years, in trying to force the Government into granting them the piece of land they are squatting on, which just so happens to be in the way of the Lake Independence Boulevard.

 Readers may remember of the operation that the police conducted in June 2011, where all the squatters in that area, which was known as Chetumal Street South, were removed to make way for the Government’s mega development. The plan was to build a boulevard which connects the Western Highway to Chetumal Boulevard in the Belama Area. Government also committed to putting an international bus terminal and a sporting complex in the area.

After these people were duly warned and moved, others in distance, pretended like they didn’t know they were squatting on land that the Government intended to use. For 3 years, these other squatters (or in some cases the same squatters, who simply moved over), got away doing it. Now that Cisco Construction and its employees are working hard to lay the foundations for the boulevard, spreading clay to develop the area, the houses of these squatters are in the way, and they refuse to move. They are begging the Government to leave them untouched, but that is not only impossible, since the land is needed, but also unfair to the hundreds of Belizeans on waiting lists for years trying to get a piece of land.

Area Representative for Lake Independence, Mark King, has commented that efforts will be made to move them off the parts of  Government land that is needed for the Lake I development, but they won’t be given any land to own unless they join the line just like everyone else in the Lake I land Amnesty Program. Currently under the program there are many who are now waiting for the area rep. and the Lands Department to try to find land for them.

Given the circumstances, that they were warned and that they knew 3 years ago that they needed to move, and that their area representative is still trying to reach a compromise to give them temporary and long-term relief, it is unreasonable for these squatters to suggest that they’ve been neglected. Suggesting that the Government officials are uncaring to the needs of its people is ridiculous