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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

darrell carter and winston smiling coming out of court.jpg - 90.40 KbDarrell Carter is a PUP mouthpiece that appears every Monday on a talk show called the Business Hour on Love FM. The show, if we were to judge by the name, should seek to give advice to people on how to run a business. That however is less than what the talk show does. On a weekly basis, Troy Gabb, the other co-host and Carter pick all manner of topics which have nothing to do with business and everything to do with politics and try to run-down the government.

Well maybe Carter should be concentrating on getting his own business in order before he chooses to host a business hour. It seems that he needs more than a business hour to rescue himself though. He was again dragged before the Magistrate’s Court on the force of a committal warrant.

In August 2013, the court ordered that Carter pay $11,000 out of a $22,000 judgment which he owed the General Sales Tax department. Of the $11,000 he was ordered to pay when the judgment was made, Carter had only paid $7,000 leaving $5,000 up in areas plus the other half in balance too. At the time Carter had agreed to pay $500 monthly to settle his areas towards the $22,000 but that was not being done.

On Monday April 14, he appeared before Magistrate Dale Cayetano who ordered that he was to pay $6,000. Carter as broke as he always is, was unable to come up with the money but promised to come up with it before the end of the day. Well that day came and passed and he was unable to meet payment, and like the criminal that he is, he was thrown in the Queen Street  ‘Piss House’ until April 15. He then reappeared in court where he again gave the same old promises to pay. He was unable to do so however until Winston Smiling and Troy Gabb made their way down to the court area and within 25 minutes or so, Carter was free to go home.

Again the PUP, a clan as they are, came out to rescue Carter who was on his way to jail for appropriating government finances which did not belong to him.
While Carter is out on the loose, court records also show that he has an additional outstanding assessment of $8,366.17 which he owes.

In court on Monday, the GST prosecutor, Jacqueline Meighan asked the court to order Carter to pay $6,000.00 forthwith and that was the only way the committal warrant would be lifted. He had indicated to the court that the money was coming but by the end of the day at around 4:30 p.m., he was unable to get the cash into the court and he was taken over to the Queen Street Police Station.

After money was paid on his behalf on Tuesday at around 11:50 a.m., his friend who came to his aid, specifically Winston Smiling tried to shield him from his picture being taken but Carter who has also been a smiling face despite his ordeal, chose to walk out of the court room without hiding his face.

When he appeared in court earlier on, Carter told the magistrate that he suffered a fire which set him back and said that he has been making payments to the court on a weekly basis but it was not for GST.

He said the problem is, “that cash is just not there.”
Of course the cash isn’t there, because the PUP isn’t there. Carter is the singular example of those who fed at the trough. Now they are left in the cold and simply cannot afford their lifestyle. Smiling and Gabb now have to come to his rescue. We wonder who paid the bill.

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