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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

darrington lauriano.jpg - 40.57 KbDarrington Louriano, a 27 year-old Belize City man who is known to police, was shot and killed inside the well-known Mike’s Sporting Club on Regent Street on Saturday, April 12. Louriano was the younger brother of 57 year-old Hector “Bad Card” Lyons, who was also killed execution style in the vicinity of Mike’s Club 13 days before.

According to police, at around 6:30 p.m., Louriano was socializing with the other patrons of the bar when a dark-skinned man walked in and fired several shots at Louriano fatally injuring him in the head. The gunman ran off, leaving the entire bar of patrons terrorized by the incident. They also watched as Louriano took his last breath and died on the scene, after which police  came and removed his body, and process the scene.

 At the club at that time was, Minister of Human Development, Anthony “Boots” Martinez, who told the media that he was a mere 10 feet away from Louriano when the attack was executed on him. He recounted how the older patrons of the bar risked personal injury to try to escape being in the path of the gunfire. Martinez says that he thinks that it will be a while before those regulars will feel safe going back to Mike’s Club after Louriano’s killing.

 Lauriano is no stranger to police or the news. He has been arrested and charged for numerous crimes including, robbery, burglary, theft, assault and murder. He was charged for the January 2004 murder of Kareem “Butchie” Broaster in which the victim was shot 9 times in front of his North Creek home. The murder was believed to have stemmed from an argument that took place earlier between Lauriano and Broaster. After two trials, Lauriano was acquitted of the charge in May 2009.

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