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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

Apart from the 5 men who died from gun violence from Friday April 11, to Sunday April 13, there were 2 men who lost their lives to fatal traffic accidents.

The first one happened just before 8 p.m. at mile 19 and a half on the Northern Highway in an area of Sand Hill known as Edge Water. Raymond Allen Sedacey was riding his bicycle back home after going to one of the neighborhood shops. He was trying to cross the road when an empty Tillett Bus heading north knocked him down. Sedacey suffered massive head and body injuries and died almost instantly. His bike was launched like a projectile at another resident who was at the side of the road, and he got struck in the head.

About 40 minutes after that accident, a driver of a Ford Ranger pickup was heading out of the City, going toward the Haulover Bridge when an incoming vehicle’s headlights temporary blinded him. The driver said that he went off the highway to avoid an accident, and that’s when he unknowingly knocked down 27 year-old Mario Choc, a sales clerk of miles 3 and a half on the Northern Highway. Choc was rushed to the KHMH but the head and body injuries he received claimed his life while undergoing treatment.

According to police, both the drivers of the Tillett bus, and the driver of the pickup have been served with notices of intended prosecution for the deaths of these men.