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Wednesday, 16 April 2014 00:00

Two more persons were killed in Belize City by gun violence over the pre-Easter weekend. 57 year-old Alfonso Cruz was killed at around 9:30 p.m., some 3 hours after the Mike’s Club killing of Darrington Louriano, and on Sunday, the following day, at around 11 p.m. 18 year-old Kevin Rodriguez was shot to death.

Alfonso Cruz, who is a well-known, hardworking man, who operates heavy equipment, was sitting on an old refrigerator inside his yard on Rhaburn’s Alley when a gunman with absolutely no regard for human life, shot him in the chest. An eyewitness told the media that before Cruz was randomly targeted, the shooter allegedly pointed the gun and pulled the trigger at another man, but it jammed. When he finally got it working, he picked Cruz as a target and callously shot him to death. He died while in transit to the KHMH.

Cruz, is known as one of the most generous persons in Rhaburn’s Alley, and so those who knew him say that it is unthinkable that he was shot for any particular reason.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, is suspected to have been executed the following day for a stolen police weapon suspected to have been used in a recent murder.

 He had just walked outside of a family friend’s house on Curl Thompson Street, which is nearby to his house on Jane Usher Boulevard, when an unknown gunman took the opportunity and fired shots at him. The residents immediately went outside, but by that time the assailant(s) had already managed to escape. Rodriguez was found dead in the yard from gunshot wounds he suffered to the upper and lower parts of his body.

 A stolen police weapon was found near his house on April 5, and Rodriguez was questioned and released after he told investigators that he knew nothing of the gun. It is believed that Rodriquez’s murder is connected to that weapon.