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Thursday, 24 April 2014 00:00

Convicted Kidnapper, Joseph Budna, who was serving a 25 year sentence in a Guatemalan Prison, remains on the run after he escaped from the authorities on Monday, April 21.

According to Guatemalan press reports, Budna was admitted to a hospital in Zacapa Guatemala since April 11 for an illness which causes bleeding all over the body. He seized an opportunity on Monday and managed to get away from 3 prison guards who were posted to monitor him.

Budna had been serving a prison sentence in los Jocotes Prison since October 26, 2012 after he was convicted in Guatemala’s High Court of kidnapping. Guatemalan authorities said that he was the mastermind in a transnational kidnapping ring which targeted the children of wealthy persons. He also told the media that he was working on appealing his conviction.

Well, it seems that he was looking for an earlier release than an appeal process, and since his escape, Police in Peten, Guatemala have put out an all-points bulletin for his immediate recapture.