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Thursday, 24 April 2014 00:00

smith fonseca.jpg - 35.96 KbIf ever you were to read the writings by Godfrey Smith you would have thought that his days as a politician were over. He has freely maligned through his writings just about everyone in the upper echelons of the People's United Party. Everyone has gotten the bitter taste of his ink on paper. No one could have ever suspected that Smith would have been reformatted and reborn once again back into the PUP as its National Campaign Manager.

That however is exactly what took place a couple of weeks ago when the PUP's executive met and decided to bring back the old viper into the folds of the grand old party. And we can refer to Smith as a viper as we do know his history within the PUP, he was known as a social climber who was willing to do just about anything to rise to the top; biting heels and necks on his way up. We can remember the infamous G-7 movement within the PUP which he was an integral part of and which he was also the first to abandon at the mere shaking of the carrot ministry of tourism that gave him that much more within the 2003-2008 Musa administration. 

But after the PUP defeat in 2008, those days seemed to have been a thing of the past, he comfortably settled back into private legal practice with the Lord Master himself giving him more than enough fat and milk for him to suckle on. He was even known to scale fences all to see that his master's former grip on the Belizean Telecommunications industry restored.

We are not certain if it is the allure of political power or mere instructions by the lord himself that has Smith abandon his multi-million dollar legal seat to return back into the snake pit. Whatever the case, we do know that the move is not just happenstance. There is something for Smith to gain.

Francis Fonseca, we know, is no fan of Smith, but unable to himself catch the ear of the lord like his predecessor did, is now all too happy to bring him back if it means that there will be some financial backing from the lord to the PUP. We eagerly wait to see the flashpoint in this latest PUP reunion.

Smith's return to the PUP is not the only news that the PUP is reconsolidating the power of the old guard once again. The PUP is also recruiting Mr. Growth Economics himself, the mastermind of the Superbond and all the evil financial dealings of the PUP's past, Ralph Fonseca. Ralph has returned... the mere mention of him makes people quiver but no matter what sentiment his return arouses, Francis Fonseca, desperate as he is will be bringing back Ralph as a special advisor. Maybe he thinks he will be able to have Ralph secure investors to buy into the PUP's junk stock, we are not certain. What we do know is that the return of both Smith and Fonseca into the PUP is simply confirming that the PUP will never change.

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