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Thursday, 24 April 2014 00:00

yhony.jpg - 46.71 KbOn Wednesday, April 23, Chief Magistrate Anne Marie Smith ordered Yhony Rosado, owner of a popular cave tubing operation, to stay out of trouble or he will be imprisoned. Rosado appeared in the Belize City Magistrates Court to face a charge for fighting in the Fort Street Tourism Zone.

Vitalino Reyes Sr. reported to police that he was attacked by Rosado on Boxing Day, December 26th, 2013 while on Fort Street in Belize City. In court, Rosado told Chief Magistrate Smith that he and Reyes did argue that day. Rosado claims he faked Reyes and then walked away. In Reyes’ testimony he said Yhony Rosado beat him up that day. Reyes told the court that Rosado placed a clip board in his face and told him that the price he had was cheaper. Rosado then kicked him in the left leg and punched him in the face causing him to fall to the ground. Reyes said it was then that Rosado walked away. Reyes said, “I never touched, punched or kicked Yhony. I just step back.”      

Reyes said PC Dennis Palacio was in the area. When he asked PC Palacio why he wasn’t arresting Rosado, the officer told him to leave Yhony alone. It was then that Reyes went to the station to make a report. Three weeks later when he had not heard anything of his report, Reyes approached PC Palacio and asked what was happening. According to Reyes, PC Palacio then informed him that both him and Rosado would be charged with disorderly conduct so that “You don’t have to laugh after Yhony or Yhony don’t have to laugh after you”.

Chief Magistrate Smith was left to make a decision on the dispute. She said, “There was obviously trouble between the two competitors. It’s unfortunate that the two of you grown men had to reach to this level.” Of the men’s stories she said, “I cannot believe any version. There was poor work on the part of the investigating officer, PC Dennis Palacio.  I do believe that Vitalino Reyes gave credible testimony however, I am dismissing the charge and bounding over the two of you to keep the peace for 3 years in the sum of $1,000 or in default 3 months imprisonment.” Both men were asked by the Chief Magistrate if they could manage to do that and they shook their heads in affirmation.

Reyes is the father of Vitalino Reyes Jr. who accused Rosado of pulling a gun at him in the same area two years ago. Rosado was exonerated from that charge after the witness testimonies proved to be inconsistent.

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