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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

closed dan silva office.jpg - 72.66 KbThe season leading to the PUP standard bearer convention for Cayo Central was one which saw Luke Espat and Dan Silva going at each other. The amount of dirt that the camps heaped on one another was no joke. Facebook provided much entertainment and enlightenment for those who looked on as the two duked it out. Everybody was apprised of Luke Espat's shenanigans at the port. People were also exposed to Dan Silva's inaction for over a year as his son had completed treatment in Guatemala and chose not to return home to face murder charges. We even learnt a little bit more of Dan's role in the soy bean project which cost over 40 million dollars and which never ground a single soy bean as it was intended to.

 But more than dirt, the extravagant spending that took place was unlike anything we had ever seen. Luke Espat plastered and posted monster size billboards announcing him as the re-incarnation of the savior himself. Dan was a bit more reserved in spending money on banners that couldn't vote. His choice of spending was on the ground. There are stories that he greased his way wherever he went. And it seemed that his money politics actually worked.
At the end of the voting he had beaten Luke Espat so bad that it is doubtful that he will ever return to electoral politics again. The thrashing was of a margin of 3 to one at the hands of a man who said he wanted nothing more to do with the PUP.

His resurgence now only proves the point that a PUP can never be trusted, neither by their promises or their actions. Dan it can be recalled resigned from the PUP under the Musa administration because he claimed they were more corrupt that he could bear. This claim coming from a man whose own uncle claims has land in the amount of 12X12 to the 12th power. We have asked before and we continue to ask, how can someone amass such wealth while in political office without having taken from the public? We also ask, how can anyone follow someone who is returning to the very party with the very leaders whom he had resigned from?

Is it that Dan is running low on funds and wants to replenish the kitty? We only hope that the people of Cayo Central never give him the opportunity for that question to be answered.

And by the way, Silva boldly announced that his constituency office would remain opened to serve the people, no sooner had he stated that than he had bolted and nailed the doors closed. He has gone right back into retirement and when last we checked, the doors were closed and the people of Cayo Central don't have anyone to visit at that office.

Thankfully there is an able and competent representative in the name of Hon. Rene Montero who is visible in the division day in and day out. His office is always opened to the public and he is continously striving to make life better for those who elected him.

Dan, you may be the man but Hon. Rene Montero is the leader in Cayo Central.

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