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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

On Friday April 25, special constable Jose Adolfo Haylock Jr. was convicted before Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith in the Belize City Magistrate’s.

Haylock had originally pled not guilty to a charge of having in his possession an unlicensed firearm being a .22 pistol along with 11 rounds of unlicensed .22 ammunition and 10 rounds of unlicensed 9 millimeter ammunition. The special constable changed his not guilty plea to guilty after a video was played in court. After only 12 minutes of the 1 hour 31 minutes 51 seconds of footage was reviewed, Haylock pleaded guilty.

Jose Adolfo Haylock Jr., had been charged jointly with his girlfriend, 28-year-old Corrine Diane Martinez. They were busted on February 11 2012, at #3716 Louise Bevans Street, the home of the cop where he lived with Martinez. Inside their home the Gang Suppression Unit found the gun and ammunition. During the search, PC #619, Paul Phillips, recorded the entire search.

After Haylock changed his plea to guilty, attorney for the accused, Arthur Saldivar opted to make a no case submission for Haylocks girlfriend, stating that she does not have a case to answer since there was no incriminating evidence on the video of her even being a part of the search. The Crown’s prosecutor, Kaysha Grant objected and submitted that there was indeed evidence against Martinez on the video tape. She indicated that the Chief Magistrate should continue the viewing of the remainder of the tape. Chief Magistrate Smith however ruled that there was not a prima facie case made out against Martienz and that there was no need to do anymore viewing of the video footage.

With that, Saldivar asked that a fine be imposed on Haylock similarly as what was imposed on Gino Peck when he was found guilty of a similar offense. According to Prosecutor Grant, an act which was used to fine Peck was erroneously used to spear him jail time and that a president had not been set.

She suggested to the court that the sentencing of Haylock be adjourned for a later date so that both sides do further research on the section. Chief Magistrate, Anne Marie Smith however told the court that she did not think that an adjournment was necessary. She said that there was no need for such an adjournment since he knew of the state evidence against him.  He knew all along what evidence was there and where a guilty plea comes at the 11 hour, no credit should be given.

She also noted that, “This case is to be distinguish from the Cpl. Gino Peck case because SC Haylock kept these ammunitions and a gun for himself.  The Chief Magistrate added that, “He shows a dangerous trait,” referring to the ammunitions and gun he kept at his home.

After her statement, she sentenced Haylock to the statutory minimum of 5 years on each count. She ordered them to run concurrently with each other.