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Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

Elissa Li and her 3 year-old son Raul Magana the Third perished in a terrible accident on the Northern Highway at mile 27 on Monday, April 28. The well-known Raul Magana Jr., Elisa’s boyfriend and the 34 year-old father of the child, continues to receive treatment at the KHMH for that accident.

Magana was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser with his family as his passengers, and he was heading toward Belize City. At mile 27 in Biscayne Village, he experienced a tire blowout which caused him to lose control of the vehicle. It over turned several times flinging Elisa and her son through the windshield, killing them on the spot.

The vehicle landed in a ditch, according to Magana the Second, who spoke with the media, his immediate reaction after they came to a complete stop was to search for his common-law wife and child. From what he saw, she looked to have already been dead from the injuries she suffered. He found his son still alive, and he was gasping for air, but he couldn’t do anything for his baby. Magana said that he had to watch helplessly as his son died on the ground where he landed because first responders told him that if he moved the child, he could do more harm.

 When the paramedics arrived on the scene, Raul Magana Jr. was rushed to the KHMH to receive a checked up to ensure that he was physically in good health. He check himself out of the hospital at around 1 a.m.

He told the media that he hasn’t had time to process the loss of his wife and his child as yet, and when it does happen, he doesn’t know how he will deal with the fact that they died in a crash where he was at the wheel.