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Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

said and kareem.jpg - 76.56 KbKareem Musa, the attorney for Cola who says he is pursuing a private prosecution case against Elvin Penner appeared on the local television stations once again on Wednesday. His jugular vein was about to burst open as he shouted, ranted and raved about where the prosecution stands at this time. He is leading a charge against Elvin Penner for what he did as it relates to ONE passport which in the end was never issued to anyone.

Kareem must have had to use all his energies for him to restrain himself from publicly making the same call that he is making against Penner against his own father. Yes, Said Musa is the father of the very Kareem Musa who has now become the regular shouter on television newscasts. Believe it or not, Said Musa was responsible for the sale of hundreds of passports, millions of dollars of which are unaccounted for and where various protocols were simply bypassed and rammed through the immigration department. We are sure Kareem knows about these. If he does not know about it maybe he should use the very zeal that he is using against Penner to have the Auditor General provide him with the report that states as much.

And while he is at it requesting reports, he should also ask for the report on the Venezuela grant money, $40 million dollars worth. We can all remember that in the run up to the 2008 elections, 20 million was squandered on the likes of cronies like Maureen Leslie. What is worse, people who had no authority to issue out the money, like Francois Chebat, Said Musa’s divisional chairman at the time was dishing out money like it was going out of style. Kareem, check on that report. The report also contains the fact that the very said Musa took 20 million dollars from the same Venezuela housing grant money to pay Universal Health Services Debt.

If Kareem truly wants to get down and raunchy, he can ask for a copy of the Caribbean Court of Justice’s judgment where Said Musa and Francis Fonseca, the past and present leaders of the PUP were referred to as Malignant Tumors. That is definitely a report he should look at especially because this duo wrote off 88 million dollars worth of taxes for Michael Ashcroft when he controlled BTL.

That however was not the only BTL matter than reports exist on, Said Musa can also provide Kareem with great insight as to why he signed an accommodation agreement  with Ashcroft as it relates to BTL. That agreement saw millions upon millions of dollars given away to Ashcroft.

Ashcroft was the man of the decade for Musa because he was also part beneficiary of the Companies Registry and the Ships registry where secretly he was given extension upon extension to run these operations and deprive the country of much needed revenue. So Kareem, look for these reports first then maybe you will have a right to ask about the material that was gathered by the Auditor General.

For Kareem, if you were not aware, whenever you appear on television and people see your last name under your face, they remember your father, the Musa name stink dah road. It will take more than ten generations before the Musa name can be clean of the filth that your father put on it. And by the way you are behaving it may well be that it will be closer to 20 generations before a clean Musa is born.      

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