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Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

landy espat.jpg - 47.55 KbLandy Espat popped out his head, from wherever it was he had it on Tuesday to decry what he and only he is calling a land grab. Just a couple of weeks ago his PUP colleague Landy Habet was on television showing a cup of water that was dark. He claimed that it came from the faucet at his home and it was dirty. Not responding to Habet’s complaint but in an effort to improve water service to the San Ignacio, Santa Elena and surrounding communities, BWSL has been in the process of upgrading the water system in those municipalities. Currently the existing 50 year old system can neither suffice the expanding municipality either in the amount of water that is required or the quality needed.

For over a year now discussions have been taking place to see how those improvements can take place and that had the company looking for a new location on which the water system can be expanded on. The most plausible route for expansion was for BWSL to take over the property where the fire station now sits and relocate the fire station elsewhere. With that a new location within the town limits was sought and the only possible location was a parcel of lot which sits behind the current Center for Employment training.

BWSL’s board chairman, Alberto August, then began negotiations to acquire an acre of an existing 7.69 acres where CET is located. After meeting with the board of directors of CET it was agreed that the fire station can get 1.5 acres of land in exchange for title to be secured for the remaining land. Every single member of the board agreed to it especially because CET had no legal title or even lease to the land which it was occupying.

Out now comes Espat who was absent throughout the entire negotiations and he is now claiming that CET will not give up the land. This after a vote was taken to proceed with the transaction. Coming now like a monkey wrench in a spinning wheel, Espat says he does not approve of the deal because he as the vice chairman of CET does not approve. What Espat is not telling the Belizean public is that he, as a land broker, had suggested to August that he could identify a piece of land for the fire station to be placed on. According to August, he gave Espat the go-ahead to do so and within a few days of the original proposal, Espat came to August stating that he had identified the land. When it was queried where the land was located Espat quickly retorted that the price for the sale of the property need to be discussed first. He claimed that the land belonged to a friend of his and that the sale price needed to be negotiated.

For Espat to now come out swinging at a project that is to benefit an entire community of thousands of people simply proves that he is motivated by three things: personal interest, political reasons since he is a well known PUP supporter and an anti-development agenda.

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