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Thursday, 08 May 2014 00:00

This week the Special Envoy for Women and Children is recognizing Hon. Faith Babb as the trailblazer of the Week.

Mrs. Faith Babb’s political career is best defined not by the office she once held, but rather the journey that led her to it. She was exposed to politics in her early childhood by attending political meetings with her patriotic grandparents. She became a member the UDP in her teenage years and has worked her way through the ranks of the party from foot soldier to a decision maker in the Party’s Central Executive Committee as National Director of Women. She later, along with other women, formed the UDP – National Organization of Women which certainly helped to propel her to become a candidate for National Election.

Mrs. Babb is the first UDP woman elected to the National Assembly and the first woman to serve as Area Representative for the Collet Division. She was also the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and was appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of Human Development, Women Affairs and Youth in the UDP Administration of 1993-1998. She served as acting Minister, responsible for this portfolio on many occasions, and was eventually upgraded to being a Minister.

She was able to achieve many projects designed to improve the lives of many in the community, especially in the Collet Division. Under her leadership as Minister of State, she led the Belizean Delegation to the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo, Egypt in 1994, and to the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing China in 1995. Mrs. Babb served as the Principal Delegate to the Inter-American Commission of Women and signed on behalf of the Government of Belize the Convention-Belem do Para, the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention Punishment and Eradication of Violence Against Women.

She was the Chairperson of the National Committee for Families and Children and during her tenure was able to get the Families and Children’s Act and the Sexual Harassment Act passed into law.

Mrs. Babb endorsed many initiatives that benefited young people such as the Youth Start Plan, the National Youth Commission, National Youth Awards and the National Youth Policy. She is currently the Coordinator of the Collet Education and Resource Center in the Collet Division.